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Inspired by my passion to “teach not treat” I quickly realized I can’t fit everything into a few sessions. So, I started this podcast for my patients. But I kind of like all people…most people, so I decided to open this up to the world. What was meant to focus on stress, chronic pain, headaches, back pain (anything related to spouses- I can’t help you) morphed into tackling stress across the spectrum of life.
Get ready to dive into strategies to deal with stress, current events in the healthcare world, and anywhere this podcast takes us.

The podcast itself aims to deliver medical knowledge and advice from a medical perspective. As a doctor, I prefer the non-surgical route when working with my patients. While I ensure to promote the same through my podcast, I also acknowledge that it isn’t always possible to take the non-surgical route. However, it is better to stay out of the operating room when it can be avoided.

I hope to encourage my listeners to stay healthy and eat right through this podcast. My motto is small steps, big change!

Gain New Insights with a Physical Therapy Podcast in Lakewood, NJ

If you are dealing with an acute injury or want to reduce the symptoms presented by a chronic condition, then having access to expert knowledge is crucial to your recovery. The Zada Approach is a podcast for patients based in Lakewood, NJ, delivering a wide range of content designed to help you overcome your symptoms while avoiding surgical options. We cater our content to answer your specific questions, providing comprehensive support along the way.

Are You Looking for Podcasts for Chronic Pain Relief?

Podcasts for back pain relief in Lakewood, NJ can be found with The Zada Approach. I created this podcast to teach rather than treat. My motto is small steps, big change! Each month, I help you in building strategies that will help you overcome your symptoms, with feasible solutions that can be incorporated into your everyday life.

Focus on Stress, Chronic Pain, Headaches, and Back Pain

Are you looking for podcasts for headache relief? Millions of people are affected by headaches each day, stemming from posture issues, stress, and more. As a stress relief podcast on Spotify, we can help you reduce the frequency and severity of your headaches, back pain, or other chronic pain condition from the comfort of your own home with evidence based techniques.

Listen and Subscribe to The Zada Approach to Stay Informed and Live a Healthier Life!

If you are looking for physical therapy podcasts on Spotify in Lakewood, NJ, look no further than The Zada Approach. The podcast itself aims to deliver trusted medical knowledge and advice from a medical perspective for people experiencing chronic pain, stress, and more. With new podcasts every month, learn new skills and techniques that will improve your quality of life. Subscribe on Spotify today!

Dr. Dan’s Podcast

I started this podcast two years ago at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. It initially began as recordings to share with my patients to ensure better communication amidst the lockdown and social distancing. But it then occurred to me that if most of my patients had such similar doubts, then there were surely many similar people who could benefit from the same information. I believe that different people from all over the world can benefit from my podcast.


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What Would You Like to Hear? Let Me Know!

This podcast aims to answer your questions and help you find feasible solutions to your medical problems. Send me a message, and tell me what you’d like me to talk about!

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